University of Hertfordshire 1996-99
West Herts College, Watford 2000-02 PDD in Printmaking, University of Hertfordshire 2006 PG Cert Business and Digital Skills


I am a Hertfordshire based painter and printmaker but grew up in Ireland. Although my vision is rooted with the experience of growing up in Ireland, I am attuned to the narratives within the landscape. My painting is a gradual build up of layers, scraping back and drawing into the work. I am not trying to paint a topographical likeness. My aim is to convey an ephemeral quality, a sense of something partly seen or remembered. In this way and using these techniques I hope to encourage the viewer to look close and discover images emerging, portraying hidden depths and complexities. I am suggesting what the place is like through superimpositions of memory and myth and through the elemental use of materials. My work is usually on a small scale. The paintings are tile-like and incorporate media such as gold leaf, which gives the work a kind of preciousness, like contemporary illuminated manuscripts.

Works in Private Collections in UK, Ireland, France and the Netherlands

Fellow of 'Digswell Arts Trust' 2002-present day

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